My Services

As well as photographing my beautiful little town, I also carry out work for many people in the area. Here is just some of what I do.


I’ve photographed more weddings than I can ever remember. I like to take an informal approach for the big day that lets the love shine through.

Jenn & James Nash

Stuart & Debbie Sandel

Max & Maxine Payne

If you're looking for a wedding DJ I recomend Select Entertainment!

Property Listing

When you’re looking for a new home and looking at the photos sometimes they’ll be more exciting than a quick snap on a phone. I often work with agents in the area to get some great photos of home. You can visit the Abbots Fakenham estate agents, a company I have done work for previously.

Mr. Dugg, Florida

Mr. Meo, Glasgow

Ms. Quaq, London


Looking to update the family portrait? I can easily help get the best snaps of your family that can take pride of place at home.

Have a new arrival in the clan? Let me help take some beautiful snaps of the bonny baby that the wider family will love.

The James Family

The Hammersnith Family

Home Photos

Taking family portraits is something I'm well versed in. Now though I've found myself making more visits out to families than they do to me. Not that I'm complaining of course. One of the perks of the job is being able to get out there and see the world.

What I'm specifically seeing myself do more and more of are family portraits, but at home. In the past, we've all been in the position of having a family portrait taken against a backdrop or fake bookcase.

Nowadays it is completely different. I meet a lot of families looking to get their photos taken in the kitchen, garden and living room. It's a case of wanting to show off the house and have a real snapshot of time. I've even done it for a family who had their home for sales in Drake circus Plymouth. They wanted some photos taken of the family around the home as a reminder of where they'd been living before making a big move.

Mr. Dunn, Miami

Mr. James, Edinburgh

Ms. Hellp, London